Assamese Certified Translation

You may require a certified Assamese translation service for translating your certificates and other valuable documents. These certificates can be Assamese academic certificates or otherwise any Assamese document to be translated from Assamese to English or any other target language of your choice.

About Assamese Language:

Before we go any further, let us understand what Assamese language is and where it comes from. Assamese language is the official language of the Indian state of Assam. It is also known as Asamiya in its local dialect. Assamese Language is spoken by more than 15 million speakers mainly in Assam and parts of Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland states of India. The early form of Assamese was known as Puroni Asamiya. Kamrupi and Goalpariya are a couple of dialects in Assamese.

Why Certified Translation?

There are some compelling reasons and circumstances wherein you would be required to get your Assamese documents translated by the Certified Assamese translators of Enuncia Global. Here are some of those situations:

  1. If you are migrating from Assam, India to a foreign country and if some or all of your documents are in Assamese, the country of destination may require your documents to be translated to English or their national/ official language like Norwegian, French, Polish, Dutch, and German etc. by a Certified Assamese translator. And these documents to be submitted in their embassy before you commence the travel. This is done so that they understand better about you as a person, your achievements, work experiences and qualifications. The Certified Translation also helps them to document it for everyone’s eyes in their region which otherwise they would not know if your documents were left in Assamese.
  2. If you are fighting a case in Assam and have the case, judgment or other related documents documented in Assamese and for escalation of the case and you want to reach out to the Supreme Court of India, you would be required get your documents translated from Assamese to English. That is because, India as diverse it is, not everyone would be aware of all the languages spoken here. Therefore, the most popular official languages in India are English and Hindi. And your Assamese documents must be translated by a certified Assamese Translator or A translation agency like Enuncia Global that provides certified Assamese Translation Service to one of those.
  3. If you are required to submit your Assamese documents to any central government office for jobs or any other purpose, it is a good idea to get it translated by a Certified Assamese translator or by Enuncia Global and then submit because not everyone holding your Assamese documents would know how to read Assamese and might miss on important details. While on the other hand a Certified Assamese translation if done by Enuncia Global, would show all the details same like the original which would give a better understanding about your qualifications and achievements.
  4. If you have some old Assamese documents related like property documents which you may at some point, require to present before a registrar or a court, you must get its certified translation done by Certified Assamese Translators of Enuncia Global at the first chance you get. This will help you save the rush which you may experience later. Also, getting the translation done while your original document is still in shape is a good idea otherwise, if the original document loses its quality, many important details are bound to be missed while translating which would not look good.

How to get Certified Translation done?

No matter where you are in the country, Enuncia Global will deliver the hard copies of your certified translated documents to your doorstep via Speed Post or courier. So all you need to do is, send us the scanned copy of your document via Whatsapp to +91 93150 56112 or via email to and expect a call in a few minutes with the quote and other details. Be rest assured as documents certified by us are acceptable by all embassies, courts, government offices and banks.

Enuncia Global will get your documents translated by the Assamese certified translators, and then certify it and deliver the scanned copy within 24 to 48 hours from the time of confirmation to your email or WhatsApp or any other mutually available medium. At the same time, Enuncia Global will courier the hard copies of your Certified Assamese Translated documents to your given address.

Here is a list of documents you can expect when you get a Certified Translated copy mailed to your address:

  1. Copy of your original document that you had sent for translation. This copy would be stamped by Enuncia Global making it the true copy or the original copy off which the translation took place.
  2. The certified translated copy of your original document. This is the translation of your original document. It would be stamped and signed by an authorized signatory of the company and another stamp depicting that it is a certified translation copy. Don’t be surprised if you see trhe date being stamped as that is a usual practice in Enuncia Global.
  3. The translation certificate. This certificate is called the Certificate of Accuracy or the Certificate of Authenticity. This will have the stamp of the Director of Enuncia Global or an authorized signatory and would be duly signed with the date. This certificate endorses the fact that the translation was carried out by us and the facts stated in the translated copy is true, accurate and exact translation of the content in the original  document.

If you see anything is missing, torn or something off, call us immediately for a replacement.

So, if you have Assamese documents for translation, do not hesitate and call or whatsapp us on +91 93150 56112 or email on

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