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Are you looking for English to Assamese Translation Services or Assamese to English Translation Services? Well, you have reached the right place! And that is because we, at Enuncia Global provide the best English to Assamese and Assamese to English translation service in the industry. This is because both our English to Assamese Translators and Assamese to English Translators are highly skilled and are actual natives belonging to the Indian state of Assam. Not just highly skilled Assamese Language Translators but we also provide you the Cheapest Assamese Translation in the industry.

About Assamese Language

Before we go any further, let us understand what Assamese language is and where it comes from. Assamese language is the official language of the Indian state of Assam. It is also known as Asamiya in its local dialect. Assamese Language is spoken by more than 15 million speakers mainly in Assam and parts of Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland states of India. The early form of Assamese was known as Puroni Asamiya. Kamrupi and Goalpariya are a couple of dialects in Assamese.

Why not Google Translate or use any machine/ software translation?

I don’t think Google Translate is available for Assamese just as yet however, even if it is (by the time you are reading this), save yourself from the embarrassment! Why? Well, first, If you are looking for Google Translating your Assamese text to English or your English text to Assamese, there is a fair chance that you do not know the source or the target language yourself. At this case, you have two options, one is to use the output text directly for your requirement (Bad idea!) or second is you would hire an Assamese professional to proofread your Assamese to English text which again would cost you equivalent or even more than what Enuncia Global charges you for the translation. Second reason is, it’s not available till date and that means if it is to start so fresh, machine translation are bound to make many mistakes. So you cannot expect the 80+ percent output that you would normally expect from Google translating English Spanish or Spanish to English. I would say for the first 2-4 years, machines would have a rough output accuracy of around 50-60 percent. So rather than looking to Google Translate your text from English to Assamese or to Google Translate from Assamese to English, you should better call Enuncia Global on the given number.

Our editor explains in detail about the difference between human and machine translation which you can access by clicking this link.

Do not look for English to Assamese or Assamese to English Online Conversion as no matter how advanced the online translation services get, they are not humans. Machines do not understand the nuances of a language particularly Assamese like we humans do. And therefore, though it’s not free, what we offer you is the next best thing to free. Though it may be a little more time consuming but it definitely saves you from the embarrassment from a content from which your users can derive no sense of.

Why only Enuncia Global for Assamese Translation?

Usually, for Assamese language, you may require not just English Assamese Translation and Assamese English Translation but also Hindi to Assamese translation and Assamese to Hindi translation for promoting your Hindi and English content in Assam and Assamese content outside Assam. At Enuncia Global, we ensure that we not only have the topnotch English Assamese Translator and Assamese English Translators but also Hindi Assamese Translator and Assamese Hindi Translators who have the ability to handle your Assamese Translation Online. We do not use any sort of English to Assamese Converter or Assamese to English Converter. We only rely on the best human skills for manual translation of your document/ media. Enuncia Global translates you text in both Unicode and non-Unicode fonts for Assamese so that you can use the Assamese text to print, design or publish online at all platforms without any hassle. You must remember to notify us about this requirement in advance and that is because automatic conversion of Unicode Assamese font to Non-Unicode Assamese font or Non-Unicode Assamese font to Unicode Assamese font may not be possible in all scenarios.

What is the price of Assamese translation by Enuncia Global?

I am sure you must be wondering ‘what is the price of translating my Assamese text to English or English text to Assamese through Enuncia Global?’ Let me tell you that pricing is a very subjective factor and especially for services like translation, you cannot have a blanket price. Let me explain you the reasons below:

  1. Subject Matter or Domain: The Assamese translator needs to be an expert in the subject matter your source texts belong to. For example, if the text is too scientific or related to medical science or legal domain, you cannot expect a general translator who translates movie scripts to work on that. Only a translator, who is an expert of that domain, can not only understand the terminologies and context of the source text but also would know how to translate it to the suit the audience of the target language text. Enuncia Global has a vast pool of translators who are masters of their domain and are able to provide you the best possible quality for your output.
  2. Volume of source content: It is important to know that you have sufficient volume of content that reciprocates with the deadline of translation. Keeping in mind that Assamese script being slightly different from the Bengali script, the Assamese translators use exclusive Assamese keyboards which are already limited in availability and demand certain expertise. Therefore, a volume of content which is quote scarce, would demand a minimum price for translation and similarly a large volume would invite a certain discount in the total bill.
  3. Deadline: A deadline should be realistic. From a translator’s point of view, the wider the deadline, the better quality you get. On the other hand, a narrow deadline means that the translator would have to work at a stretch and sometimes we may even add multiple translators. In which case we would need an additional simultaneous editor to maintain the consistency of the translated content which will have a certain impact on the overall pricing of the service.
  4. Language Pair: While usually a translation project involves English as source or target language, and could also involve Hindi in case of India, it may not always be the case. So in case of translation within a rare language combination such as Assamese to Japanese or Assamese to Swahili, a direct translator may not be available. In this case, we translation agencies, first translate the content to English and then English to the original target language. Projects like these will have to be thoroughly edited at both intervals so as to ensure that the original context is intact. This again adds up to the cost of the project.
  5. Some other factors: Especially for languages like Assamese, the translators are usually not available outside of Assam. And the state of Assam is so vulnerable to rains that usually during the monsoon, we intimate the clients that a narrow deadline may not be achieved. The same thing can be said for all then Indian Northeastern languages like Nagamese (Naga), Manipuri, Garo, Khasi, Jaintia, Mizo, Tripuri, Sikkimese etc.

So if you are looking for Assamese Professional Translation Service for your content to Translate from English to Assamese or to Translate from Assamese to English, look no further and without any hesitation, call us on +91 93150 56112 or email us at and get an instant quote and get the best quality service by the Professional Assamese Translators of Enuncia Global.

Here is a list of all the services we provide for the Assamese language. Please feel free to click and explore each one of them.

If you are looking for services related to any other language, please contact us on the details mentioned above or click here

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