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If you are looking for Assamese Typists to work onsite instead of Assamese Typing Services, you must call +91 93150 56112 or email your requirement to Please do not that this is subject to availability of the resources at the time of your requirement and this service may or may not be available at your location.

Enuncia Global offers the best Assamese Typing Services at the lowest cost in the industry. Assamese script is quite similar to Bengali script however due to some significant differences; Assamese typists cannot use the Bengali Keyboards. There are some limited availability of Assamese keyboards both online and offline that our typists use to achieve your requirement.

About Assamese Language

Before we go any further, let us understand what Assamese language is and where it comes from. Assamese language is the official language of the Indian state of Assam. It is also known as Asamiya in its local dialect. Assamese Language is spoken by more than 15 million speakers mainly in Assam and parts of Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland states of India. The early form of Assamese was known as Puroni Asamiya. Kamrupi and Goalpariya are a couple of dialects in Assamese. Enuncia Global provides the best cheapest and the fastest Assamese language services like Assamese translation, Assamese transcription and Assamese subtitling.

If you have a handwritten text which you want  our Assamese Typists to type it out in a software or MS Word file, please ensure that the text is written in clean and neat handwriting I which the words and letters can be easily figured out by our Assamese typists. Otherwise, the Assamese typists may end up making a few mistakes on your document and sometimes these mistakes may alter the entire meaning of your content.

So, if you are an author, a poet or a writer and you do not have access to a computer or an Assamese keyboard, contact us to get your handwritten text typed and mailed to you. Yes, once we get the Assamese typing done, we will email you the document and at the same time, if required, we will also send you your typed Assamese documents via post or courier to you.

While there are some Assamese online keyboards available which you can Google and hunt down yourself, some or most of these Assamese keyboards are either paid, have very specific system requirements or too complicated to work on as an amateur typist.

On the other hand, our professional Assamese typists provide the best Assamese typing services in the industry. These Assamese typists, are professionals who have been working on these keyboards for a very long time. Usually our professional Assamese typists have systems that fulfill these requirements, or they have paid keyboard software and on top of that, because these Assamese typists work on these complicated keyboards day in and day out, they are aware of all the complications these Assamese keyboards can create.

So, if you have Assamese texts handwritten or in form of a journal/ book that you want to publish, just send us the scanned copies via Whatsapp to +91 93150 56112 or email to and we wil start to work on that immediately. The documents usually the size of 20-30 pages often get completed in a 24 – 48 hour time span. That is when we send it via email or Whatsapp to you and subsequently, send it via courier or mail if required by you.

Here is a list of other services we provide pertaining to the Assamese Language.

  • Assamese Certified Translators
  • Assamese Medical Translators
  • Assamese Legal Translators
  • Assamese Medical Translation
  • Assamese Legal Translation
  • Assamese Book Translators
  • Assamese Book Translation
  • Assamese Subtitling
  • Assamese Transcription

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